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Cardholder Terms and Conditions

Between the Cardholder at any AWOP assisted Event




  1. The cardholder will be onsite at an event assisted by AWOP for the provision of onsite cash management

  2. AWOP provides an end to end cash management and other services using Smartcard technology.

  3. The Cardholder wishes to use AWOP’s services for the Event.



Approved Vendor means the Vendors authorised to be on site at the Venue to provide either goods and/or services at the Event, utilizing the AWOP equipment, systems and technology.

AWOP Transaction means an AWOP authorised transaction, utilizing AWOP supplied equipment and technology which permits the Cardholder to transact and interact at the Event via the AWOP Chip.  AWOP transactions includes, but is not limited to, loading credit, redeeming credit or other items, purchasing  goods and/or services.  The Cardholder and Vendor are both present at the transaction.

Cardholder means a person who is in possession of an AWOP Chip and then uses the AWOP Chip for AWOP transactions at the event.  For this Agreement also means Wristband, card or other AWOP approved RFID medium.

Equipment means all of the equipment supplied by AWOP to facilitate the delivery of the Services for the contracted period to the Event to enable Vendor and Cardholder participation at the Event.

GST means Goods and Services Tax or similar tax payable in New Zealand.

POS Reader means an AWOP point of sale reader, which is part of the equipment supplied by AWOP.

The Services means the electronic, end to end cash management services that are delivered by AWOP and may include gate entry management, alcohol compliance management, social media applications as required and as defined in Schedule 2 attached.

Venue means the location of the event that the cardholder has obtained the AWOP chip.


5.          THE SERVICES

AWOP shall supply RFID wristbands or cards to the event for use at the Event to enable users attending the  Event to transact with Vendors for goods and services.

Cardholders shall be able to load funds to their chip via cash, eftpos or credit card.

Each approved Vendor shall be provided with either a POS Reader or AWOP Equipment to be able to perform AWOP Transactions for transacting the sale of goods and/or services with wristband users at the Event.

Cardholder shall be able to purchase goods and services from any approved vendor using the AWOP POS by scanning money from their card.

AWOP shall be available on site and operating 1 hour prior to gate opening and for 1 hour the Event closes to provide the Services.

AWOP may provide onsite RFID gates where a customer will have to scan their wristband or card to obtain access to areas of the event. AWOP take no responsibility for lost or damaged chips that deny access.

AWOP may provide alcohol controls onsite where licensed bar operators may restrict customers from the ability to purchase more alcohol, customers shall still be able to purchase food and merchandise whilst restricted from alcohol purchase. AWOP takes no responsibility for those customers restricted from alcohol purchase.


6.            REFUNDS

If refunds are required they will be provided to either Vendors and/or Cardholders during the opening hours or the Event and up to an hour after the close of the Event;

A refund shall be paid to a Cardholder when the Cardholder has credit on their AWOP chip which the wish to redeem as follows:

     a)            Onsite refunds will be provided in cash;

                b)            Vendors are not permitted to issue refunds;

                c)             Refunds will be available as specified by the event and as per the event refund portal on the AWOP website.

                d)             Online refunds shall incur a transaction fee of up to $1



  1. AWOP may charge a first time top-up fee to customers for the provision of the AWOP services.

  2. AWOP may charge DPS costs for credit card transactions to recover the cost of loading currency onsite.

  3. AWOP may charge an online refund transaction fee for all online transactions.

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