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AWOP Credit GST Form


Please fill out the following application below to receive your GST receipt for your event spendings.

Before refund period close: If you have applied for a refund you will only receive a GST receipt for your on site spendings and first time top up fee (if applicable) as you have not spent the money that you have been refunded.

Post refund period: If you apply after the period has closed you will receive a GST receipt for your total top up as you are no longer able to obtain your refund.

If you do not wish to apply for a refund but request a GST receipt while the refund period is still open you will need to wait until the refund period has closed before we can process this. Please contact us if you wish to understand this further.

The post event refund period for each event is as detailed at

Success! Gst form submitted

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